Friday, 14 August 2015


Now, opening welcome posts can be quite tiresome and boring, and that is surely not what I want this blog to be like. Here are a few facts about the blog: its all about cooking and food; it is devoted to everyone, but especially to those of you who have recently started cooking on a regular basis and really do not want to be stuck in a recipe rut and finally it is all about having fun in the kitchen!

I am not one to tell you a story of what made me get into the kitchen and start cooking. There was no special recipe, no special reason, you are dealing with a girl that would spend hours in the kitchen with her Barbie doll, sitting on milk cartons and watching her mom cook. The milk carton was my chair, so I guess you can figure how old I must have been at the time.

However, as time went by, I did have to start cooking out of necessity, mostly as a student. It is very difficult to convince me differently, students usually eat really bad food!  Otherwise, my friends wouldn't always be up for coming over to my house for dinner parties or even lunch. They mostly eat disgusting stuff, when you think about it. That is one thing I wish to end. I am 25 now but I have never understood the laziness about cooking. It is very simple, you must eat = make it! Good food can be very quick and simple and that is really what we need in the modern world.

Moreover, you are dealing with one stubborn cook here, meaning that, once in a while I will bring you slightly more complex recipes, just because I refuse to say “that is difficult to make, I can’t be bothered.”
We will try and have thematic days, including simple recipes, sweets (who can say no to them), as well as world days where we will explore different cuisines, keeping in mind that every cuisine is a world cuisine to someone.

Looking forward to this new experience and I hope you guys will enjoy reading it and I will always enjoy reading your comments and answering questions.

First post with some actual content coming up soon!

Bye, bye

P.S. the blog will be bilingual in English and Serbian as I never know which one I will feel like writing in (you will figure out why in time), but I will always make sure to post final recipes in both languages.

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